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One of the Most Impressive Line-ups of Refrigerated Craft Beers Sold Anywhere

Beer & Wine

Local Craft Beers & Wines

Since we opened Wholesome Farmers Market, we have expanded our selling area as well as the offerings that we carry in our beer & wine department. Our department is 4 TIMES LARGER and has allowed us to partner with many new crafters and vineyards.  We also carry Local Seltzers and Local Hard Kombucha as well as Local Mead which is a popular honey wine.

  • We’ve expanded our LOCAL WINE SELECTION by Over 500% including wines from many small vineyards such as Agronomy Vineyards in Oakham, MA.
  • California Wines bottled by Local Wineries
  • Craft Beers from large Local artisans as well as small artisans such as Milk Room Beer from Alta Vista Farm in Rutland, MA